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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dobrich, Bulgaria, is the biggest business support organization in the region of Dobrich, part of the network of the Bulgarian chambers of Commerce and Industry and contact point of Europe Enterprise Network.

Activity areas:

  • Promotes, fosters and represents the interests of its members and other businesses in the region on local, regional, national and international level;
  • Encourages and acts for the economic and sustainable development of the Dobrich region; runs an Economic Cooperation Centre;
  • Develops a Centre for promoting the use of RES;
  • Creates conditions for synergies and promotion of technological and business cooperation;
  • Assists state and municipal authorities in organizing activities for development of market economy;
  • Provides information and practical advice on market opportunities, European legislation and policies. Helps SMEs to find suitable business partners using its business and technology cooperation Data Bases, providing information to tender opportunities and international networking;
  • Develops the research and innovation capacities of SMEs;
  • Helps SMEs to share research results, participate in research programs and apply for funding;
  • Involves SMEs and business actors in the policy-making process, by transmitting feedback to the Commission and monitoring the implementation of EU policies in the field of competitiveness and innovation.


CCI has extensive experience in Lifelong learning, cooperation and innovation projects and expertise in promoting linguistic diversity and intercultural exchange.

CCI has practical experiences on issues like solution approaches, methodology considerations, national implementation, as well as dissemination and valorisation of project results. As part of the network of the European Chambers of Commerce and the Enterprise Europe network, it has strong potential to reach a wide industrial and entrepreneurial target group all over Europe.



Mrs. Reneta Palova

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