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ACLIMA is the Basque Environment Industry Cluster Association. ACLIMA was founded in 1995. Its members include environmental service providers and other industrial companies, public institutions, technological research centres and universities and large companies serving public- and private-sector customers. ACLIMA’s mission is to improve the competitiveness of Basque eco-industry companies and develop the environment sector in different markets, providing guaranteed collaboration and specialised contributions for other agents of the Administration, companies, etc. in the development of business sustainability.

The cluster currently has 94 members, 79 private companies, and 16 Honour members which envelops the whole environmental panorama. Special emphasis is being placed on RTD activities that provides high added value. Business within ACLIMA, offer a wide range of products and services from consulting to turn key developed ones. The environmental turnover of ACLIMA enterprises in 2011 was 1.700 millions € (equivalent to 2.5% of Basque Country GDP, 1.5 points above the Spanish average). The global turnover of those companies was 14.106 millions €.

Three departments of the Basque Government collaborate in ACLIMA cluster - Department of Environment and Land Use Planning, Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and the Department of Education, University and Research- along side various departments of the University and all Basque Country technological research centres.


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