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Transnational meeting - Aix en Provence (France) - 05/03/2013

On 5 - 6 March the fourth transnational meeting of GREEN project "BRIDGES FROM GREY TO GREENING JOBS” was held in Aix en Provence, with the objective of explaining and showing the tool to use to perform the equivalences between the GREEN transnational descriptions concerning the three key professional categories selected among Renewable Energies, in terms of learning outcomes, and the corresponding profiles in the national vocational qualifications of the participating countries.

During the fourth transnational meeting we worked on how to establish an equivalence system between the different national standards and the GREEN professional category descriptions elaborated at transnational level, following the ECVET parameters.

This equivalence system focuses at first in the following categories:

  • installation technician in Solar thermal and photovoltaic energy
  • maintenance technician in Wind energy
  • designer in Solar photovoltaic energy

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Foto Transnational meeting - Aix en Provence (France)